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You are probably reading this because you are asking yourself, "Was this the James Fuqua that...?" While it would be a stretch to say that there are a lot of us James Fuquas around, the truth is that there are a few of us. Funny enough, it seems that many of us are attorneys (One in Delaware -- nice guy, one in Tennessee, one in Texas, one in Oklahoma... I'm sure there are more). As far as I have been able to find out, all the Fuqua's are related to some extent, but I'm not closely related to any other James Fuqua. So, which one am I?

I grew up in Texas, went to high school in Weatherford, Texas, went to many universities, but finally graduated from The University of Texas in 1991 and then The University of Texas School of Law in 1998 (Freshlaw 1994) and the University of Nottingham in 1997. I lived in Washington, DC for 11 years where my beautiful wife and I had our first house and our three wonderful children. We now live in Wiesbaden, Germany. If you do know me, please drop me an e-mail and check me out Facebook or Google+!

Other James Fuquas:

James A. Fuqua -- Another lawyer, in Georgetown Delaware -- real nice guy!
Dr. James L. Fuqua -- a doctor in New York
BetterPhoto Gallery by James Fuqua -- another James Fuqua who does photography
Jim Fuqua -- another lawyer, and a former mayoral candidate for Hendersonville, TN


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