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The Colophon Book Store -- books, bookmaking, typography, bookbinding, papermaking, printing, literature, bibliography, libraries & calligraphy
Hatrack River - The Official Web Site of Orson Scott Card
Jones on Bookbinding
The On-line Books Page -- a GREAT listing of many of the public domain works available on-line
Project Gutenberg
The Page of Fu Manchu: The Sax Rohmer Site
Shakespeare's Works -- the finer things in life
The Wodehouse Society

Comics cool cat

Animaniacs -- if you don't know, don't bother....
Beakman and Jax Experiments -- do you want to know why things work or how to make weird stuff like slime?
The Calvin and Hobbes Jumpstation
GoComics -- many famous comics
Liberty Meadows
Non Sequitur
United Media -- The Comic Strips ¨
Washington Post Comics Page

Cool On-Line Shops

Adagio Teas -- a REALLY cool teashop
Black Cat Bazaar
Jacquie Lawson's e-Cards -- Fantastic for-pay e-Cards
SERRV Home Page
ThinkGeek -- Stuff for Smart Masses
Trader Joe's
The United States Mint

General Fun

Bert is Evil! - PHOTO EVIDENCE --fun but definitely off-color
Cirque du Soleil
The Classic Typewriter Page
The Free Universal Construction Kit - 3D Printers files for adapters for construction toys
Mateusz Skutnik -- one of the best flash game designers out there, my favorites are the Submachine, Daymare Town, and Covert Front series of games
Rec.humor.funny Home Page
Totally Free Stuff!!

Recipes & Food

Flora's Recipe Hideout
SOAR: Searchable Online Archive of Recipes


The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins by Leonard Nimoy/dt>
EAR-chives! -- want some cool sounds?
Donal Hinely's Web Page -- One-half of Glasnots, Great Music!!
The Judy's
KGSR Austin
KUT Austin
Reel George
Smithsonian Folkways -- free and for sale world music - mp3
The Looney Tunes SoundSource


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