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I created this page as a diversion from finals almost three years ago. Since then, I've had some interesting mail. I can't believe such a small page, consisting entirely of links, could have such an impact, but then, it's not the page, it's the bubbles. Bubbles are a wonderful diversion (and stress therapy) from real life. I started this form of stress therapy as a sophomore in undergrad when my roommate and I would blow bubbles off the balcony in our dorm at Trinity University. The bubbles would drift out over the stadium and surprise joggers who didn't know that bubbles were coming from above the cliff overlooking the stadium. We considered it a great way to meet women, as there was a walkway between our balcony and the cliff. Unfortunately, I think they all thought that we were a little to weird (you know, the big kid syndrome...).

I was always curious about how bubbles worked and how to make homemade solutions, so I started doing a bit of research on the Internet and found lots of pages dedicated to the subject.

Later, I also became interested in homemade slime and other fun things. Hence, this page has grown from more than a mere page with a few links to other bubble pages, though that is still its primary purpose. I hope that you have fun with it!

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Great Bubble Pages

General Bubbles & Recipes
Blow Bubbles That Don't Pop!!
Bubble Mania -- Really nice Bubble Page by Casey Carle (link works now...)
Bubbles -- another recipe, from the Dept. of Education (Great Page)
Bubbles -- A GREAT page from Bizarre Stuff You Can Make in Your Kitchen
Bubbles Theme Page -- Nice set of links
Bubble Thing! Blow the World's Biggest Bubbles!
Bubble Town -- Soap Bubble Fun and Magic
Bunches of Bubbles from Classic Specialties -- commercial for big bubble wands
Cricket Hill Toys -- Commercial site for big bubble wands; special soap for big bubbles and other toys; Check it out!
NEW!Garden Bubble Cam -- SUPER COOL! Real Time Bubbles!NEW!
Professor Bubbles' Bubblesphere -- a lot of neat stuff about bubbles
The Soap And Detergent Association Kids Pages -- Great info. and fun stuff
Soapbubbler.com -- Absolutely amazing site!!!
Soap Bubbles: Exploratorium -- one of the BEST pages out there
Soap Bubbles: Exploratorium Exhibit -- See above
You Can Bubbles -- another recipe
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2-D soapflow -- GREAT animations! And lots of science.
Bubble Genesis of Life
Floating Soap Bubbles -- an amazing experiment, I haven't tried it, yet
How to project a bubble film.
Imitating Soap Bubbles
Math Forum - Ask Dr. Math -- the mathematics of soap bubbles??
The Soap And Detergent Association
The Surfactants Virtual Library
Thermocapillary Migration and Interaction of Bubbles and Droplets -- the name says it all
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bubbles@well.sf.ca.us -- a story about bubbles
cs184 final project -- school project on bubbles (animation)
NEW!GiantBubbleWands.com NEW!
LHS Bubble-ology by Jacqueline Barber -- a book about bubbles
LHS Bubble Festival: Presenting Bubble Activities in a Learning Station Format -- another book on what teachers can do with bubbles
Miniclip.com Soap Bubble Game
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Great Slime Pages

Bizarre slime A great page from Bizarre Stuff You Can Make in Your Kitchen
Dr. Slime's Experiments with Slime, Astronomy, and Real Chemistry
Inedible Slime -- from the Edible/Inedible Experiments Archive
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